Technical Support

650,00 N$

We help solve any of your technical problems or issues that you may encounter with any web related services. Don’t be shy to ask.

Do You Need Help?

I can help you with one-time fixes or ongoing maintenance support for-

Your Website:

  • Adding or removing plugins from website
  • Updating Themes and Plugins
  • Making Website Changes
  • HTML & CSS – All Styling Issues
  • Provide A Website Analysis
  • Fixing Broken Links
  • PHP Issues
  • Website Migration
  • etc.

Your Computer:

  • Maintaining your PC
  • Repairing/installing software
  • Speed-up slow PC
  • Removing malware and viruses
  • etc.

If you host with us:

  • Manage Email Accounts:
    Fixing Spam Problems,
    Setting up DKIM, SPF, DMARC Records
  • Malware & Hacked Website Clean-up
  • etc.


Cost is €35 per hour, if you feel that your problem will require more time, send me a mail and I will see how I can accommodate you with a better price. If you need something fixed, but don’t see it listed, don’t be shy to ask anyway,

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